Dermatology Has Gone Green

Oh dear! Why, you do look quite green, my dear! Feeling a bit under the weather, are we not? And what could be the matter? Why are you feeling so green, my dear? The color green was sadly taken out of its proper context all those long years ago as the versatile and universal English language evolved. As you can plainly see, green was connoted to mean that someone was feeling ill or food having gone bad. It was also applied to indicate one person’s sense of envy over another.

Fortunately, that is all water under the bridge now, and it should be no skin off of your back either. If you have just crawled out from under a rock in a deep and dry desert owing to the hot sun being so dangerously harmful to your skin, let it be known that green, truthfully and positively applies to everything that is, well, really green, and should be green. The desert may not be green, but your valley could be green.

Everything under the sun is thankfully and pleasingly going organic. The englewood dermatology center and all its associates all across the country have been green for so long ago already. It has been quite some years ago already that dermatologists the world over have readily and heartily concurred, after spending so many hours poring over peer reviews and reading into the test results, that all that is natural and organic, in other words quite green, is by far better for the body’s vulnerable skin than chemically produced skin and beauty care products.

englewood dermatology center

To compare apples and oranges? Not quite perhaps. But try choosing between a soft lather of orange peel and avocado, and, how to put it; oil and other materials otherwise known as gunk.