What Kind of Breaker Panel Would I Need For a New Inground Pool?

Summer time in Tulsa is almost here! There are several ways you could plan on beating the heat this summer, as everyone knows how hot in gets in Green Country. You could go to the local community pool, you could visit one of several water parks in the region, or you could visit a lake. These are all good options for cooling off this summer.

What if you want to hit the water in your own backyard, though? If you don’t already have one, maybe this is the year you finally plan on getting your own swimming pool in your backyard. Of course, if you’re planning on an inground pool of your very own, it’s going to require an electrical hookup to be able to function properly, and this is where your local electrician tulsa professional services come in to help.

Making Sure Your New Pool is Safe

If you just got your very own inground pool set up, or are planning to do so soon, you are going to want to make sure the electrical side is set up properly. This is because up to 14 deaths have been the results of faulty swimming pool wiring, and only a certified electrician should be trusted to thoroughly inspect it for safety.

Here are some of the hazards that have been known to cause electrocutions in pools what aren’t wired correctly:

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·    Underwater pool lights: Underwater pool lights can be beautiful, but they can also be deadly if they aren’t properly and safely set up. Electricians should ground the light o make sure stray voltage isn’t a problem, and all of its wiring should be run in piping to avoid shock. Your electrician will be able to inspect and correct your pool lights if necessary.

·    Electrical devices ending up in the pool: Unfortunately, accidents have been known to happen other ways, too. Make sure you are careful and don’t drop electrical devices like radios, hair dryers, or anything else with a power switch into the pool. This accident could result for electric shock to anyone nearby, so safety is key.

·    Faulty grounding: Grounding is when a green wire is run from the breaker box to the green grounded screw that handles the pool’s electrical loads. If this is misconfigured in any way, it could result in unsafe conditions for using the pool.

All of these are great reasons to consider having a certified electrician check over and fix any issues that might be present with your swimming pool. Safety should always come first, and you want your pool to be filled with memories of swimming and having fun, not being subject to electric shock.